Chronal House was founded by David Deyo in 2010, inspired by an idea he heard a friend talk about but who himself never got it off the ground. The idea was to provide a portal on the Internet for people seeking new ideas about traditional systems of belief. A place to share encouragement and inspiration for people devoted to seeking their best, most complete humanity in a religious or spiritual discipline.

In that time, Chronal House has produced a computer animated short film that guides the viewer through a meditative tour of the chakra system titled Chakranomicon. And in 2016, David has completed a second season of his video series, The Temporal Reverie. Chronal House also published an e-book written by David about the process of manifestation based on material written for the show. There are still plans to publish the deck of Tarot cards David designed, the Chronal House Tarot.

In addition to video content provided on the Chronal House channel on YouTube, Chronal House also maintains an online store through Zazzle where you can purchase shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and posters that display David's original art from Chakranomicon, the Chronal House Tarot, and other spiritually-themed digital renderings he has created over the years.

Chronal House is an imprint and division of TalisMedia.