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The Chronal House Tarot


Writer, graphic designer, and 3D artist David Deyo has produced a very contemporary twist on the Tarot deck. Using the software and techniques employed to create computer animated films, David undertook a 3D digital representation of the characters and archetypes in the Tarot. The result is the Chronal House Tarot.

Is the Tarot a Quantum System?

Over the course of the three years it took to complete all the digital rendering for 78 cards, David began to develop an interesting take on the Tarot and how it might actually function. Comparing the Tarot deck during a reading to the kind of quantum system described by the famous Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment, David has a theory on how quantum uncertainty and synchronicity might allow the deck to offer its system of archetypes as a kind of metaphysical messaging system by which we can access deeper levels of consciousness.

David elaborates on this narrative for the Tarot in a two episodes of his video series, The Temporal Reverie.

Planned Print Release

Eventually, The Chronal House Tarot will be published as a physical deck of cards, available for purchase.

Tarot Merchandise

Chronal House has created a collection of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other merchandise featuring renderings created for The Chronal House Tarot.

These items are available for purchase at the Chronal House store on Zazzle.