MAKER IN THE MIRROR (2nd edition)

Maker in the Mirror cover

In 2011, David Deyo collected the material he wrote for episodes of the first season of The Temporal Reverie that addressed the topic of manifestation. Manifestation, sometimes called the Law of Attraction, is a process by which human beings can tap into their consciousness to reshape their lives by drawing more abundance into their reality. The first edition of this book, published and released in 2011, drew together and expanded on parts of these season one episodes dealing with manifestation. It also included an original Introduction by David that provides a larger context for understanding manifestation as part of the divine birthright of consciousness.

In 2016, David is releasing an expanded and updated second edition of Maker in the Mirror. He's gone back through the original text, rewriting parts he felt could be improved, as well as expanding both within the first edition material and by adding two new sections offering deeper perspectives on manifestation produced during the second season of The Temporal Reverie. One of these new sections explores whether manifestation feels difficult to create with consistent success in part because the process is not deterministing in nature, instead govered by the kinds of probabilities described in quantum theory.

The book closes with the second new section, in which David shares a very personal story of great personal difficulty, hardship, and illness that resulted in his becoming homeless for five months. Teetering on the brink of survival, David found himself with no alternative but to manifest a turnaround in the conditions of life. It shares approaches he used and things he learned while calling forth a chain of miracles that eventually ended his homelessness, and further, created the most abundant conditions he has seen before in his life



Please accept with our compliments any of these desktop wallpaper images, featuring the Root Chakra, the Heart Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. The images of these chakras were produced using a combination of 2D particle animation software to generate the moving patterns of energy and 3D modeling and rendering to turn 2D outlines of the chakra symbols into 3D representations.