Spiritual Journeyman and Seeker of the Divine

David has always been intellectually curious and very imaginative. An avid reader, young David was unwittingly preparing to undertake a personal journey of exploration. He has remained a lifelong student, teaching himself programming, graphic design, digital art, and a variety of other subjects.

His love of science began very early in life and was the motivation for deciding to major in Physics in collge for a time. His conviction in the existence of God was forged during a period of born-again Christianity in his adolescence.

These influences would weave themselves throughout David's life, eventually bringing him to a point when it was necessary to articulate ways in which faith and reason found co-existence in his constellation of personal beliefs. This mission is what led him to create Chronal House.


A member of the United Church of Christ, David is a passionate member of the Christian Left in America. And he has grown more open to wisdom from sources outside his personal faith tradition, rejecting the human conceit that any one religion could claim a monopoly on understanding and truth. He believes deeply that Christian faith and science are not mutually exclusive. In fact he is convinced that only by integrating what each of these great philosophical disciplines can offer might we begin to fully grasp the nature and dimensions of human experience.


David was born in the water sign of Pisces and has grown to learn over the years that he is indeed a textbook Piscean. He's naturally intuitive but in more recent years has learned to trust and heed his intiutions more reliably and as a result has found those intuitions more reliable themselves. And like others born in Pisces, David has a natural attraction to matters of spirituality and religion. He hopes to call upon those talents in a search for a new and more expansive metaphysical narrative that integrates and harmonizes the influential beliefs in his own life.


A boy of the 1960s caught up in the excitement of the Apollo space program and enthralled by a cancelled science fiction television show, David has loved science for as far as his memory stretches. In high school, he was awarded the Bausch & Lomb Science Medal awared by the school district. His early college plans were to major in Physics at Kent State University. Even though his life took a different direction ultimately, he has remained deeply curious about physics generally and quantum theory in particular.