March 3, 2015

Chronal House Tarot as a Digital Deck


Chronal House announces today a web-based app that lets you type in a question you want to explore in a Tarot reading then shuffle the deck and deal a Celtic Cross spread in response to their query. The app features the cards in the Chronal House Tarot.

The app is an initial experiment in turning the cards of the Chronal House Tarot into a family of apps you can use to ask questions and deal out any of a variety of spreads, using the archetypes of the deck to convey messages from deeper levels of consciousness, such as your personal subconscious mind, the Collective Unconscious, and the Mind of God.

The work done to create this app is the beginning of both web and mobile apps that not only deal any of several Tarot spreads in response to your questions, but can save individual readings, provide details to help interpret the cards, and can even share readings by e-mail and social media.

The Celtic Cross app is available on the Chronal House website, free of charge.