April 13, 2016

Eighteen New Episodes Completed


The final episode of season 2 of our web series on spirituality, science, and metaphysics, The Temporal Reverie, was released on the Chronal House channel on YouTube. Episode 18, "The Tree of Life: Mystical Architectures" closed the season by bringing together many of the ideas expressed in the second season of the show. From the very first episode of the first season, The Temporal Reverie has focused on looking at faith and reason as complimentary narratives that not only converge, but interweave to fashion a grand philosophical braid.

With the concluding episode of this season, The Temporal Reverie has begun to express this central focus by calling on spiritual seekers to imagine a new architecture within which religion and science express a central harmony that reveals a dramatic universe. An architecture in which the scientific narrative becomes an effort to catalog the default behaviors of the physical universe set forth by the Creator God, rather than an attempt to discredit faith and disprove God. An architecture that not only manifests the so-called "laws of nature" but which also provide the means for conscious beings to trigger a state of exception in reality that would more commonly be called a supernatural miracle.

The second season of The Temporal Reverie debuted online in July 2015, returning to YouTube after a three-year absence. In one of the more personal episodes this season, producer, writer, and host David Deyo describes the difficult circumstances that prevented new episodes from appearing. Having been invigorated by the firsthand witness of a chain of miracles that he called for and manifested in faith, David was committed to starting a second season as soon as his circumstances made production possible again.

While currently devoting his time and attention to other projects, David has already begun developing a list of episode topics for another season. Now with enough solid ideas for nearly a dozen new episodes, plans for a third season of The Temporal Reverie are already taking shape. Although he has yet to commit to a production and release schedule, David is hoping to start season 3 in the first half of 2017.