July 14, 2016

Fresh New Design Debuts


After being offline for over a year, Chronal House returns to the web with a brand new website! The original Chronal House website first appeared along with the debut of Chronal House itself in 2011. TalisMedia founder and publisher David Deyo decided to make good on a vision to develop speciality publishing brands as divisions of TalisMedia. Chronal House, a media imprint focused on spirituality and metaphysics, was the first specialty brand for TalisMedia.

To get Chronal House online originally in the shortest time and with minimal grief, the original website was built using WordPress using an extensively customized theme. The site offered information on various projects being produced under the Chronal House name, including The Temporal Reverie, the computer-animated video Chakranomicon, and the Chronal House Tarot deck. David also blogged sporadically on that WordPress site.

That website was the home of Chronal House on the web until personal difficulties including loss of income made it impossible to keep expenses for the web hosting account paid. Eventually, the hosting company deleted the entire website before a backup could be made to preserve the content and customization work. Chronal House was itself without a home.

Finding himself with greatly-improved finances in 2015, David began planning to resurrect Chronal House from its comatose state. While the main website was unavailable during this time, the Chronal House channel on YouTube continued to operate, showing first season episodes of The Temporal Reverie. Building on that presence, David initially focused on starting \production of a second season of the show.

With the second season completed in April 2016, David concluded that the next stage of the return of Chronal House was a new website. Rather than try to reconstruct the original WordPress version of the site, David chose to create a more open, inviting, and elegant website. Although having a new job and the associated income were tremendous blessings, the demands of work would not allow the time to build a bespoke website from scratch.

Instead, David looked for and located a commercially-licensable HTML site template that had the visual style he was seeking and which provided the building blocks for the kind of website Chronal House needed. The result is a new website that feels lighter and more open, like an expensive bespoke site, but completed in a fraction of the time needed to build a wholly custom website.

We're very proud of the new Internet home for Chronal House. We hope you like it too and plan to visit us often.