November 16, 2014

Meditation Aid Now Online


Chronal House today made Chakranomicon, its 42-minute computer animated tour of the energetic body, available for viewing on the Chronal House channel on YouTube. Both the English and Spanish versions of the feature video have been posted. While Chronal House still plans to release both Blu-ray disc and DVD editions of Chakranomicon, funding concerns continue to delay the production of both these disc editions.

Convinced of the value of the video as a meditation aid for people seeking to open and keep their chakras clear, Chronal House founder David Deyo has decided to provide Chakranomicon online as a public service. The bonus feature video, “The Making of Chakranomicon” is also now viewable on the Chronal House channel on YouTube. The disc editions, when produced, will be made available for sale. They will both contain individual video clips of each chakra that can be played on loop for extended meditation focused on a single chakra.

Additional bonus features are being considered for the eventual disc titles, including spoken affirmations in additional languages and guidance about various Yoga postures people can use to improve energy flow through particular chakras.