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Faith and Reason Merged

How It Got Started

The first six episodes of what would become The Temporal Reverie were originally conceived as video blogs, the first of which appeared on YouTube in the Summer of 2011. Each video had a similar presentation format to make production consistent but were never imagined as anything more than occasional vidoes on different topics that came to mind. Most of the first season episodes are under fifteen minutes in length because of initial video limits placed on the new Chronal House channel on YouTube. But during that season, the limit was lifted and longer episodes began appearing.

Early Show Banner Promo

After a clash with a Tarot gaming fundamentalist on YouTube, I began looking for someplace new to host these videos. I ran across which was looking for people to commit to producing regular episodes of a series. That was when the idea for The Temporal Reverie was born. Originally, the first six episodes didn't have the standard series backdrop. I recut those episodes in December 2015 to make them more consistent with the remainder of the season.

What the Title Means

The name of the show reflects a theme that runs through the entire series; that our seeming reality is an illusion, a dream of space and time, matter and energy. The Temporal Reverie is the dream of time in which we make our individual journeys across the theater of experience that takes the shape of our universe and our world. The name of the show is my way of framing the exploration it undertakes as perhaps a slightly more high-brow way of saying, "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream."

The Undertaking

What began as random topics of interest slated for occasional video blogs acquired a focus as the new series concept developed. One of the running features of the series is the goal of defining a new philosophical narrative for understanding reality that unifies the faith and reason operating in my life and reconciles the seeming foes of religion and science. I didn't like reaching a place in my life where different beliefs I embraced as truth appeared to be in conflict. I believed at the start and still believe that a more expansive, more encompassing story of the universe can be told that accounts for the so-called laws of nature described by science while also allowing for states of exception that produce miracles and other supernatural phenomena.

The First Season: 2011-2012

Because I didn't realize I was producing a web show until after I'd produced what would be the first six episodes, when I did begin to pull the show concept together I made some changes. Of course, I recut the first episodes to put the show's opening titles on each. But I also sequenced those first episodes in a different order than the one by which they were originally produced.

Season 1 Title

Because the Chronal House account on YouTube was brand new, the length of most season one episodes are under the 15-minute cap on videos in new accounts. But the last few episodes ran longer than fifteen minutes after the cap was removed. This limit is why the episode on the Tarot was split into two parts, each under fifteen minutes long. A long gap occured between the production of episodes 11 and 12. The last four episodes were produced very nearly at the same time in the summer of 2012.

You can watch the first season at the Chronal House channel on YouTube or on the Chronal House website here.

The Second Season: 2015-2016

I had a few additional episode topics left unproduced when I called the first season done after fifteen episodes. Thinking about those ideas eventually sparked additional ones. I went through a period of unempoloyment in 2014, so I had time to develop these topics into first drafts of episode scripts. By early 2015, I had half a dozen solid episode scripts drafted and ready to produce. I decided the time had finally come to launch a second season of The Temporal Reverie. The second season debuted on the YouTube channel on July 8, 2015 with a commitment to produce a new episode every two weeks.

Season 2 Title

Because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I planned a winter hiatus for the show from the middle of November through the end of December 2015. I used that time away to develop new episode scripts for second half of the season. Episode 11 appeared as promised on January 5, 2015 with the remaining episodes making their debut every two weeks until the season close with episode 18 in April 2016.

You can watch the second season at the Chronal House channel on YouTube or on the Chronal House website here.

Planning a Third Season

At present, I'm making plans for a third season of The Temporal Reverie. I already have solid episode topics scoped out for just over half of another eighteen episode season. My hope is to be able to debut a new season of the series in the first half of 2017.

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